Fire Blog Roundup: Competence, Thoroughbreds, and Fire Service Training

This month, Kevin Burns and David Bullard join some of our regular contributors and commentators on topics of interest to the firefighting community. For more of our featured contributors, go to

Kevin Burns

The Company Officer: Competency First

The foundation of a company officer’s success? Know what you’re doing, writes Framingham (MA) Deputy Chief Kevin Burns.

David Bullard

Teaching Your Thoroughbred

As leaders, we must understand how to give power away and to reign it in, within boundaries. Read a new commentary from David Bullard.

Mark Lamplugh

Firefighters, Time to Bring Down the Weight

Mark Lamplugh discusses the problem of obesity in the fire service.

Dave McGlynn

Is It a Job or a Living?

People may try to bring a passionate firefighter down, writes Dave McGlynn, but don’t let them rob your love of the job.

Justin Thoroughman

Pumping for GPM

Creating a pump chart that has the friction loss already figured for various line lengths, diameters, and GPMs allows you to quickly figure the needed pressure, writes Justin Thoroughman.  

10,000 Hours: Art of Leadership

How much time does it take to get proficient at leading? John K. Murphy offers some perspective.

Brad Nair

Volunteer Fire Service Fundraising vs. Training

Volunteer fire departments lose potential new members who want to save lives and property when you tell them they must conduct hundreds to thousands of fundraising hours each year on top of attending training, running calls, and so forth. A commentary from Brad Nair.

FDIC Recharge

Mark Cotter reflects on FDIC International 2017, making connections, and filling in the gaps.

AB Turenne

Prerigged Systems for Moving a Down Firefighter

AB Turenne: What does your department prestage on its apparatus that can be used for a safe and swift removal of a down firefighter from a second- or third-floor window?

David Polikoff

The Job. The Calling.

As a supervisor, go out of your way to tell crews and or firefighters they are doing a good job. Your words go a long way to a new firefighter, maybe more than you will ever know, writes David Polikoff.        


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