Fire Blog Roundup: Priorities, Community Collaboration, and Basement Fires

Check out a recent roundup of some of our featured commentary pieces, including new writers Scott Ferguson, Robert Medford, and Duon Ladner.

Dan Kerrigan


The time has come for the fire service to prioritize the health and wellness of its firefighters on a national level, writes Dan Kerrigan .

John K. Murphy

Mandatory Duty

John K. Murphy on a legal concept raised by the case of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland, California.

Billy Greenwood

Avoiding the Blinder Mentality

Life moves at a fast pace these days. Billy Greenwood looks at chaos management modeling for the fire service.

Robert Medford


Problem Solving or Putting Out Fires?

How can new leaders modify attitudes without having people think they are being forced to change? Robert Medford offers some thoughts on leadership.

Dave McGlynn

Rechargeable Batteries?

Our skills are perishable, but so is our passion and motivation for the fire service. Dave McGlynn on getting them back.

Chris Baker

Talking with Dr. Harry Carter

In this podcast, “The Future Firefighter” host Christopher Baker talks with Dr. Harry Carter about higher education and much more.

Billy Greenwood

The Rock Star Firefighter

There are no shortcuts to the top or high-speed travel lanes to mastery, writes Billy Greenwood.

Frank Viscuso

Common Valor: Lessons Learned

Frank Viscuso offers an excerpt from his newly released book, “Common Valor: True Stories from America’s Braves, Volume 1.”

Jason Hoevelmann

Truck Operations

Jason Hoevelmann shares part two of his podcast on truck company operations, which discusses the transitioning from an engine or other company to the truck company.

John K. Murphy

Words Matter

As firefighters, we are leaders in our business and community, and as such we have an obligation to measure what we say, writes John K. Murphy.

Water Rules, Part 2

Mark Cotter examines the recent UL studies, moving on to the topic of air entrainment.

Joseph Kitchen

Community Collaboration

Joe Kitchen on how local fire departments, first responders, and business and industry can form partnerships.


Scott Ferguson

The Richest Men and Women in Town

Sometimes, the best advice can come from a Walmart greeter…Read a new one from Scott Ferguson.

Nick Salameh

Operational Risk Management

Nick Salameh on how to make good, defensible decisions on the fly. 

Brian Butler

Basement Fires, Part 2

Brian Butler offers some additional tactical considerations for responding to basement fires.


Scott Ferguson

Reputation Porn

The definition of integrity is a measure of what you do when no one is looking. Scott Ferguson looks at a phrase used to describe forms of non-cash accounting of a company’s respect that may have applications in the fire service.

Brian Butler

Basement Fires, Part 1

Basements and cellars are the most dangerous fire locations inside of a structure. Read a new post from Brian Butler. 

Scott Ferguson

What Would Your Shirt Say?

Imagine if we were all forced to wear a T-shirt that displayed an unbiased description who we are…Scott Ferguson considers the implications on the social atmosphere of the firehouse.

Safety and Health Systems

Training is the very foundation for safety. Read a new one from Ron Kanterman.    

Duon Ladner

Bridging the Gap

Duon Ladner offers a new take on where the firefighters between Generation X and Millennials fits into the fire service. 

Tony Correia

What The Fire Service Could Learn From The Grateful Dead’s Business Practices

Successful fire service operational performance is based on sound organizational practices and principles. Read more from Anthony Correia.

Leigh Shapiro

The Times We Live In

The fire service is again compelled to adapt to the needs of society, writes Leigh H. Shapiro.




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