Fire Blog Roundup: Failure, Trust, and Drop Bars

Tommy Goran and Ben Martin join our regular contributors this week, blogging about the issues of failure and trust in the fire service, respectively.

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Tommy Goran

Accepting Failure

Many firefighters work on pushing our operating limits, which may result in mistakes. It’s not necessarily what you do to fail, it’s what you do afterwards to correct the action that counts, writes Tommy Goran.

Human Resources: Not Necessarily Your Friend

John K. Murphy has some legal insights on the human resources department in the fire service.

Benjamin Martin

The Enemies of Trust

Creating and maintaining trust is paramount for leadership, but are you giving it the attention it deserves? Read more from Benjamin Martin.

Command Process Interferences

Ron Kanterman on how the incident commander can use interferences on the fireground to his or her advantage.

David Polikoff

Forcing Drop Bars

A little preplanning goes a long way, writes David Polikoff.        

David Bullard

Laissez Faire vs. Lazy

Leaders must recognize there are striking differences in leadership styles, writes David Bullard.


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