Fire Blog Roundup: Risk, Ground Ladders, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Check out some recent posts from our featured contributors, including a post from new contributor John Buttrick on forcible entry! More at

Dave McGlynn

The Pursuit of Happiness

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: Dave McGlynn comments on how the latter factors into the life of a firefighter.

John Buttrick

Respectful Entry

John Buttrick writes on the virtues of firefighter through-the-lock forcible entry.

Chris Baker

The Attributes of Leading

Christopher Baker reviews a class that showcases fire department members across the country sharing in a discussion of the key attributes of leading.

Nick Salameh

Communicating for Positive Results

Why does positive communication matter in the fire service? Nick Salameh weighs in.

Joseph Kitchen

Community Collaboration

Joe Kitchen on how local fire departments, first responders, and business and industry can form partnerships.

Scott Ferguson

Keep Talking–I’m Analyzing You

What exactly does a firefighter look like? How should they act? What skills should they be able to master? A new commentary from Scott Ferguson. 

Jason Hoevelmann

Ground Ladders, Part 2

Jason Hoevelmann and company discuss deployment, ladder choice, and some commonsense ideas for using ground ladders, no matter the size or location of your department.

Chad Menard

Avoiding Risk Doesn’t Make You Safe

It’s all about perception, writes Chad Menard.

Gypsum Roof Decking

Two fire companies simply went out to drill on vertical ventilation and stumbled upon a real hazard. Read more from Adam Hansen.


Tony Correia

In Memoriam

Anthony Correia on recognizing those who have served before us.

Matt Beakas

The Berlin Wall

Matt Beakas on overcoming generational boundaries.


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