Fire Blog Roundup: Morals, Standpipes, and Well-Rounded Firefighters

Check out a roundup of recent posts from our featured contributors, including John Dixon on principles and morals, James Johnson on the importance of fire protection for suppression side members, P.J. Norwood on safety messaging, and more!

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John K. Murphy

USERRA: Protecting Firefighters’ Rights

USERRA is an important protection for our firefighter serving in the military. John K. Murphy has the legal angle.

AB Turenne

Special Hazards

AB Turenne writes on firefighter health and safety considerations at construction sites.

Chris Baker

Leading Throughout Probation and Beyond in the Fire Service, Part 5

Christopher Baker looks at two important character traits that will help you achieve success throughout your fire service career.

James Johnson

The Well-Rounded Firefighter

James Johnson on how line firefighters can expand their lifesaving mission by getting involved with building and fire codes.

John Dixon


Identifying Morals, Values, and Principles

John Dixon has some suggestions on how to become the best version of you.

Brian Brush

Suburban Standpipe Problems: Can You Adapt?

If your agency operates in a metro area where a city has its own thread pattern, take a minute to consider all the potential operational impacts of that on your department, writes Brian Brush.

Billy Greenwood

The Micky D’s Franchise Method

A lack of organizational policies, procedures, or guidelines can derail your operations. Billy Greenwood takes a look at possible solutions.

P.J. Norwood

Fire Prevention Challenge

P.J. Norwood challenges you to focus on the “close the door” message in your fire prevention outreach this year, and offers a way to demonstrate it visually to your citizens.

Bridging the Tactical Divide

Mark Cotter on modern fire tactics, data, and debate.

Justin Thoroughman

Recruiting the Best

How do you recruit the best possible candidates to join our ranks? Justin Thoroughman offers some ideas.  


Random Cardiac Thoughts from a Chief

On Ron Kanterman’s (above) blog, Robert Ross discusses his close cardiac call.  


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