Fire Blog Roundup: Probies, Credibility, and Cowboys

Read commentaries from new contributors Christopher Baker and Tommy Goran along with many of our regular contributors in this recent roundup of posts.

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Doug Mitchell

It’s Bigger Than You Are

Protect lives and property with the understanding that when you took that oath, you joined a team that is bigger and stronger than any individual. More from Doug Mitchell. 

John K. Murphy

Opioid Epidemic and the Fire Service

The current opioid epidemic has significantly increased the call volume for departments responding to citizens suffering from drug overdoses, writes John K. Murphy.

Chris Baker

Leading Throughout Probation and Beyond in the Fire Service, Part 1

How can a probie exhibit leadership? Read part one in a series of commentaries by Christopher Baker.

Tommy Goran

How to Build Credibility

Find your core values, work hard, build trust, and be consistent to get the maximum impact, writes Tommy Goran.  

Cobwebs, Cowards, and Cowboys

If you never saddled up and entered the arena, your opinion about cowboys lacks matter and merit, says Warren Cersley.

Mark Lamplugh

Aviation, Addiction, and Firefighting

Does the aviation industry provide a model for stress-induced addictions in firefighters? A new post from Mark Lamplugh.

The First Twenty

Trust and Respect Is All We Need

Being trusted that you can do your job when it counts is more important than being liked. A new post from John Spera writing for ‘The First Twenty.’

David Bullard

Training Your Replacement

Are you and your agency working to find your next generation of firefighters? A new post from David Bullard.

Keep Your Eyes on the Line

What are your goals as a company officer? While it’s fine to consider the future of your career, it’s imperative to stay immersed in the craft of firefighting, Jarrod Sergi argues.

John K. Murphy

Fentanyl: Clear and Present Danger

John K. Murphy discusses an extremely dangerous drug on the street that is affecting first responders.



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