Fire Blog Roundup: Motivation, Statistics, and Engine Work

Scott Peterson joins some of our regular commentators to talk about motivation and firefighter training. Check out a roundup of recent editorials below.

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The Customer Is Not Always Right

What happens when a member of the public and someone in your organization gets caught up in a citizen complaint? Jarrod Sergi offers some observations.

David Bullard

Sobering Statistic

How many civilian fire deaths occur per year in the U.S.? David Bullard takes a closer look.

Scott Peterson

Lack of Motivation in Fire Service Training

Is your department motivated when it comes to training? Read more from Scott Peterson.  

Mark Lamplugh

Death of the Volunteer and Stress of the Remaining

Why doesn’t anybody want to be a firefighter? Mark Lamplugh on the disappearing volunteer.


Chris Baker

Why I Became a Public Servant

Christopher Baker takes on the subject of what motivates someone to become a firefighter.

Chad Menard

Flow for the Fire, Not Your Firefighters

Match your flows to your fires and not your firefighters, writes Chad Menard.

John Dixon


Leadership Exemplified

To set the example, leaders must first BE the example. John Dixon offers some insights.

Thomas D. Kuglin

Tips for Developing First-In Engine Company Training Evolutions

Thomas D. Kuglin Jr. on going back to the basics.



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