Fire Blog Roundup: Honor, Boulders, and High-Rise Elevator Use

Check out a roundup of some of our recent featured contributors’ posts, including Adam Hansen on a unique challenge found in a building’s basement, Clay Magee on elevators, and new contributor Aaron Moss on customer service.

Nick Salameh

A Day to Honor

For those of us who are old enough and lived through 9/11, it’s easy to remember. For those born after 9/11, how will you remember and pay tribute? Thoughts from Nick Salameh.

Customer Service

This is the fire department…why are we worried about customer service? Commentary from Aaron Moss.

Clay Magee

Basic Elevator Use at High-Rise Buildings

A basic understanding of elevators is a must for companies involved in high-rise fire suppression activities., writes Clay Magee.

Andrew Sauder

Own It!

The fire service desperately needs individuals and crews to step up and lead by example, writes Andrew Sauder.

Chris Baker

Where Do I Start to Become a Future Firefighter?

The starting point for a future firefighter is based on developing a plan on how you will get your dream career position, writes Christopher Baker (above) and Jacob McAfee.

Water Rules, Part 4

Mark Cotter concludes his look at the recent UL studies, now focusing on full-scale experiments and tactical recommendations.

Boulders and Basements

Adam Hansen on how training in an acquired structure revealed a peculiar hazard.

Dean Hawkins

Fit for Purpose

Dean Hawkins writes about how hose selection can make or break the job.

Jason Hoevelmann

Truck Work: Search and Rescue

Jason Hoevelmann shares a podcast in which the group discusses some basics of search and rescue.

Dave McGlynn

Be Passionate, But Be Good at It

You can’t be passionate about something if you’re not good at it, says Dave McGlynn.


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