Fire Blog Roundup: Risk, Sleep, and Door Control

Check out some recent commentary pieces from our featured contributors, including posts by Nick Papa and new contributor Clay Magee.

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Nick Papa

Door Control and Isolation

Nick Papa (above) offers some thoughts on the subject from the late Andy Fredericks.


Clay Magee

Risk Little to Save Little

Who gets to decide what “little” is? Read a new commentary from Clay Magee.


Coming Through

Leadership is a set of standards established for the group that you lead. Read more from Warren Cersley.


Clay Magee

Do Your Job

“Those three little words. It’s what citizens expect of you and your department.” Clay Magee argues that firefighters need to remember their responsibilities to the public.

Justin Thoroughman

Purchasing Committees

How does your department choose what equipment to purchase? Read more from Justin Thoroughman.   

Frank Viscuso

Problems Are Opportunities

Every adversity you and the team you lead will ever encounter is either a problem or an opportunity. The difference between them? Your attitude, writes Frank Viscuso.

Mark Lamplugh

Firefighters and Addiction

Mark Lamplugh on the value of peer support.


The First Twenty

Sleep Tips and Strategies for Firefighters

Writing for ‘The First Twenty,’ Jordan Ponder has some advice for getting better sleep.

Thomas D. Kuglin


Eye in the Sky

Thomas D. Kuglin Jr. offers an overview on drones for the fire service.




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