SituationWare Provides Situation Management Software

Product Manager Charles Havranek today announced SituationWare, a situational awareness platform developed in partnership with emergency responders and risk managers to help save property and lives.

The Situation Management Software is ideal for Responders, Risk managers, Local Businesses, Local Government and Aid personnel who require a readiness plan for emergency management.

Real time information sharing and multi-channel collaboration are key attributes currently driving users from around the world to download SituationWare at an increasing rate.

In fact, SituationWare is locale-aware and fully integrated with e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and SMS. For example, a user can send group messages alerting other users of an emergency, and pinpoint its exact location via Google Maps. Google Maps will be immediately displayed on smart phones, which may include interior and exterior building photographs and aerial views of the scene.

“At the heart of SituationWare is its ability to capture and share critical information in near real time via Social Networks or E-mail while reacting to a crisis or disaster. With the advancement of mobile technology, users can seamlessly capture information such as weather and wind conditions, location shots or team formations, and share with response teams. Ultimately it helps response teams make decisions more quickly and with greater accuracy,” says Charles Havranek.

Usage of SituationWare is not limited to emergency management. Whether you are planning for solar installations or landscaping, SituationWare can be used by field managers, outdoor installation planners, inspectors to save time and money by reducing mistakes and automation.

The team behind SituationWare has a lengthy track record in emergency management. Their team of experts will work to customize SituationWare to fit a specific business model or industry.

Key Features

  • Available for Apple iDevices, Google Android and desktop web browsers
  • Cloud powered for reliability
  • Display Isolation Zones and down-wind Protection Zones
  • Automatically retrieve current winds
  • Annotate the map with lines, polygons and points
  • Used for planning, incident response and interactive training

Key Benefits

  • Share and edit formations
  • Share situational image maps
  • Equipped for Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Share information like formations, current position and type of all team members in near real time

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