Fire Yenta February 2004

By Diane Feldman, Managing Editor

Canines with jobs
Congratulations to the Sacramento City Fire Department’s Canine Team, which is featured on National Geographic’s “Dogs with Jobs,” airing February 17 at 3:30 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel (check your local listings). The team is composed of handler Captain Rick Lee and Ana the canine. They were filmed November 13, 2003, at Fire Station 56. Ana performed ladder operations while bonding with the crew. Off site, the team was filmed participating in mock scenarios, including search and rescue work in collapsed structures. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation donated Ana to Station 56. She was one of the first three canines chosen in the nation for the Disaster Canine Search Program. The program has since graduated 52 highly trained canines. Ana resides in the fire station when Captain Lee is on duty and leaves with him when his shift is over.

Well, he is bold … and he is beautiful!
All you soap opera fans (or closet ones-you know who you are) should set the VCR on March 10 to tape CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Lorenzo Lamas (son of Fernando for all you old folks) plays a “hunky firefighter” (in the words of a CBS rep) on the soap and in that episode he will be shown in the fire station reading none other than Fire Engineering. The prop people asked the Yenta to ship 24 copies of FE to the set in California to be used as props. As the rep who called said, “We did extensive research and discovered Fire Engineering is a real magazine that a firefighter would read in the firehouse.” (We have known this for 127 years!)

It’s an honor just to be nominated
Well, you’ve nominated. Now come to the show and see who won. The recipients for the 2004 FDIC Lifetime Achievement Award and the 2004 Fire Engineering Training Achievement Award have been selected. Both awards will be presented in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Fire Department Instructors Conference. Lifetime Achievement will be given on Thursday, April 29; Training Achievement, on Friday, April 30. Those who didn’t win this year can be nominated again next year.

Show dailies: read all about you
If you are a previous attendee to FDIC and want to send in a quote or a story idea or a photo of yourself at the show from a previous year for us to feature in the FDIC “Show Dailies,” please do so. If you have never attended, and this is your first time, you can send in a quote about why you are attending this year and what you are anticipating or looking forward to. We will include as many as possible in the dailies. Then when you wake up at the show, you can go to your hotel lobby, pick up a show daily, and “read all about you.”

EMS show
If you are going to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the EMS Today 2004 Conference March 4-7, please stop by the fireEMS booth and meet the Yenta. If you have story ideas, incident reports, or photos for our new (one-plus-year-old) fireEMS Magazine, please send them in.

If you have a tidbit for the Fire Yenta, e-mail

Diane Feldman is a 15-year veteran of Fire Engineering; she has spent the past 14 years as managing editor. She has a B.A. in English/communications. Previously she was an editor at the American Management Association in New York City.

January, 2004

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