Fire Yenta October 2004

By Diane Feldman, Managing Editor

On September 16, the cast and director of “Ladder 49” visited Chief Rick Lasky and the Lewisville (TX) Fire Department. John Travolta made an earlier visit to Lewisville in October 2001 and wanted to come back to promote his movie, which opened October 1 nationwide to rave reviews from prominent fire service members.

During the two-hour visit, the cast met the Lewisville firefighters and visited their 9/11 Memorial, which contains a piece of the South Tower. Travolta and director Jay Russell were made honorary chiefs; cast members Joaquin Phoenix and Robert Patrick were made honorary captains. Cast member Kevin Daniels attended as well.

Here are photos of the event.

John Travolta with (l-r) Chief Rick Lasky, his daughter Emily, and his wife Jami.
Travolta greets the Lewisville firefighters.
Joaquin Phoenix.
(L-r) Patrick, Travolta and Russell with honorary chief helmets, Phoenix.

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Diane Feldman is a 15-year veteran of Fire Engineering; she has spent the past 14 years as managing editor. She has a B.A. in English/communications. Previously she was an editor at the American Management Association in New York City.

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