Fireball Barely Misses San Francisco Firefighters

San Francisco firefighters battling a fire in a commercial building narrowly escaped serious injury when an explosion sent a fireball of hot gas rocketing out a door they had just opened, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

The near-miss happened at little before 6 a.m. Tuesday as firefighters responded to a four-alarm fire.

As they opened the front door to one of the businesses, King’s Coffee and Tea, they were greeted with a strong back-draft explosion of super-heated gases. Assistant Chief Tom Siragusa said the gases ignited and “sent a fireball across the street.”

About 10 firefighters were surrounding the doorway at the time. After the blast, firefighters quickly checked to make sure all crews were accounted for and it was “miraculous” that no one was seriously injured, Siragusa said.

He said that this is only the second time he’s witnessed a back-draft explosion in his decades of experience.

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