Firefighter Cycling Team Spreads Awareness About Rescuers’ Illnesses

By Allen Wahlström FF/EMT
Depot Fire, UMCD, OR

Firefighters Cycling Association Pro Development Team (FFCA PDT) uses cycling to spread the word about our professional rescuers suffering chronic to terminal illnesses, especially those that can be attributed to exposure during the months after 9/11. First Responders everywhere are at risk for health issues that don’t go away.  For many it’s a chronic cough or allergies that can be traced to toxins we encountered everyday on the job. Although the team was originally built to support 9/11 firefighters, it has expanded our cause to all Emergency Services workers. 

It wasn’t until a proposed Bike Ride in New York to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 started to come apart that the idea of a Pro Development team began to take shape. FormigliUSA was the first to step up and make a commitment to the program with custom frames for the team, followed by Rudy Project with Glasses and Helmets, Vittoria Shoes, Pierre Cycling Line & WG for clothes, and others signing on daily.

Beginning in 2011, FFCA PDT will field an eight rider team from three nations with no less than three past National Champions in the fold. Two riders are coming from the famed Trek-Livestrong U23 team, and five riders on this team have more than a good chance to race in the 2012 London Olympic Games, from Peter Williams the Irish All-Rounder, to Justin Williams who is always looking for a sprint victory. There is so much talent and potential that this team is going to be a player in any race they enter, including those on the National Racing Calendar.

And when they visit a new town or city, they will visit the fire stations you work in and help share the value of riding bikes in building a great fitness program. Help us bring this team to your city, and cheer on the team when they cross the line first! $1 each from firefighters and emergency services workers across the country will allow us to bring needed attention to these heroes.

Visit to donate $1 to FFCA. You will receive a note from the team thanking you for supporting this great program, and you will receive the owners weekly updates and notifications of public appearances the team makes to promote our foundations, First Responders Health & Fitness, & Project Rebirth.

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