Firefighter Falls Through Floor of Burning Prince George’s County Building

A firefighter fell through a weakened floor of a burning house in Prince George’s County but did not suffer serious injuries, reports The Washington Post (

The fire occurred just before 6 p.m. Wednesday in the 10700 block of Waco Drive. Officials said the two-story home had working smoke alarms, which helped alert those inside.

Firefighters found in their initial investigation that the fire was in between the floor joists of the first floor and the basement ceiling. When firefighters were searching the first floor of the home, one firefighter stepped onto a burned out part that was weak, said Mark Brady, a spokesman for the county fire department.

The firefighter fell through the joists and into the basement, according to Brady. He did not suffer any major injuries and was able to make “his way back up the basement steps,” Brady said.

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