Firefighter Fitness Bulletin: Snatch Push Press

By Chris Brennan

In this week’s fitness bulletin, Chris Brennan of Fire Service Warrior teaches firefighters about the snatch push press, which targets different aspects of the upper back and shoulders and conditions the wrist for the overhead squat and snatch movements.

Download this week’s exercise bulletin and featured workout as a PDF HERE and share with fellow firefighters.

For more information about firefighter fitness and similar issues, visit Also, consider Michael Krueger’s monthly fitness columns on Fire Life, such as “Rewards.”


Chris Brennan: Fitness tips from the Fire Service WarriorCHRISTOPHER BRENNAN is a 14-year fire service veteran, a firefighter in the suburbs of Chicago, and the president of Spartan Concepts, Inc. He is a field instructor with the Illinois Fire Service Institute and has contributed articles to Fire Engineering. He maintains the Web site He is the author of Readiness The Combat Position: Achieving Firefighter (Fire Engineering, 2011).


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