One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Jordan Ponder performing firefighter-specific exercises.

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By Jordan Ponder

When it comes to clothing, the saying “one size fits all” is far from the truth because people come in all different shapes and sizes.The same goes for your exercise choices…one size doesn’t fit all!

When you select exercises, they need to be specific to you. If they aren’t, then they will not help you fully reach your fitness potential. Sadly, people think that to make an exercise harder they need to add more weight or increase their number of repetitions. Although this is true, being limited to this edict restricts your ability to be as prepared for firefighting as possible.

We are doing large dynamic movements on the fireground that require us to move in very complex ways. Your exercise choice and progression need to reflect this. This means changing the load position, body position, sequence and timing, time under tension, planes of motion, and many other variables. This will ensure that you have the skills to pull from when you have to perform in the unpredictable environment of the fireground. FD-PT workshops, for example, teach you countless ways to mimic firefighter functions–like 2 Beam Raises or Shouldering Ladders–in a way that progresses by adding complexity to the movements. In these workshops, you’ll learn your own individualized movement specifications that need to be addressed in order to help you be your best!

Being able to vary the movements in your exercises can be done many ways. In this version of the “ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL Tutorial”, you’ll learn how you can make one exercise vary into 3 different movements. The video will demonstrate Single Dumbbell Split Squat – Single Dumbbell Reverse Lunge – Single Dumbbell Reverse Lunge High Pull movements.

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As always, if you want to see how to vary some of the exercises you’re already doing, enter your contact information at We’ll help show you how to make simple changes to any exercise to prepare you for the challenges of the fireground in a way that will improve your safety!

Jordan PonderJordan Ponder is a Captain of the Milwaukee Fire Department assigned to Engine 30. Additionally, he is the Lead Peer Fitness Trainer for the MFD where he has been training firefighter health for over 12 years. Holding NASM-CPT, ACE, PFT and multiple of modality certifications, he is also a professional bodybuilder with the WNBF. Jordan is also the Director of Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training which supplies free safety training equipment for fire departments for conducting workshops for their members. To contact Jordan Ponder, email

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