Firefighter Impersonator Booked in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis (IN) Police Department has a warrant out for a man charged with impersonating a firefighter and unlawful possession of a police radio. Mark Faulkner was arrested on July 3 but did not appear in court. The Indiana Police Department has issued a warrant for his failure to appear.

This information is passed along to increase public safety departments’ awareness of any potential threats to domestic security, since there have been reports that individuals have been trying to obtain information concerning the routine operations of fire and police departments.

Faulkner apparently has been using various aliases and allegedly has claimed to be a firefighter from Detroit, Michigan, and Kokomo and Indianapolis, Indiana. He may have in his possession badges and other police and firefighter items.

He is a white male about 50 years old; 5 feet, 10 inches tall; weights about 230 pounds; and has blond, straight hair and blue eyes. He had an unshaven mustache and beard the last time he was seen.

Should you encounter someone you think may be Faulkner, or any other public safety employee impersonator, contact your police department. If you suspect it may be Faulkner, ask your police department to contact the Indianapolis (IN) Police Department.

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