Firefighter Injured in Woodmere (NY) Fire Remains in Critical Condition

A Long Island firefighter was critically injured while battling a fire at a home in Nassau County on Friday morning. Doctors at North Shore University Hospital are keeping a close eye on Joseph Sanford, who remains in critical condition, reports CBS New York (

Sanford, a 17-year veteran volunteer with the Inwood Fire Department, fell through one of the floors of the home on Central Avenue in Woodmere.

“We are all very close and it’s going to take its toll on the membership. There is no question about it,” said Chief Anthony Rivelli, with the Inwood Fire Department.

Sanford was unaccounted for for several minutes before fellow firefighters found him in cardiac arrest under water and debris. He was revived and rushed to North Shore University Hospital.

Now, Sanford is recovering with his wife and daughter by his side.

Friends of Sanford have created a gofundme site at:

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