Firefighter Training Drill: Ingenuity in Firefighting Operations

By Douglas Mitchell, Jr.
Lieutenant, Fire Department or New York
Instructor, Traditions Training LLC.

How many times have the members of your fire department come up with a great simple tool that makes life easier when operating in your specific area?

Most of the tools that we use today were made by US and for US!

This simple creation was derived from “dumpster” materials. Most firefighters I’ve come to work with love to “dumpster dive.” Obviously, the ol’ firefighters’ motto of “if it’s for free, it’s for me!” comes into play…an old metal closet rack was in the dumpster, and the members grabbed it and some other discarded building materials that we could bring back to the firehouse to drill with. They were using the “wizzer tool” to practice cutting the thin spines and were left with the longer support rods. That was the birth of the use for the rod used in the attached drill.

I never cease to be amazed by the creativity and skill of our members on the job.  Always strive to make the job more efficient…

Download this drill as a PDF HERE (970 Kb).


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