Firefighter Training Drill: Mentoring Program

Fire training drill by Forest Reeder

As a company officer, one of the most valuable organizational development processes you can perform is to mentor your replacement. This replacement may be used for short time replacement such as vacation or other time-due or for longer term use if you are being promoted or retire. If you have the ability to prepare the person who relieves you, the mentoring process lets you communicate your expectations to the person who will relieve you.

There are many techniques used in this process including job shadowing, participative training or straight delegation. No matter what technique you use, the key is to ensure consistency in any short or long term transition of leadership. As new leaders begin their watch, they can then incorporate their own styles of management and leadership based on what you have passed along.

Download this free firefighter training drill as a PDF HERE.

Firefighter Training Drills by Forest ReederForest Reeder began his fire service career in 1979. He currently serves as Division Chief of Training & Safety for the Des Plaines (IL) Fire Department. He is a past recipient of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) prestigious George D. Post Instructor of the Year award and has been responsible for the design, implementation and coordination of in-service firefighter training activities as well as a full-service fire training academy program. Forest holds numerous Illinois fire service certifications and holds a Masters Degree in Public Safety Administration from Lewis University.

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