Firefighter Training Drill: The “Outboard” Forcible Entry Saw

By Danny Troxell

Most gasoline-powered rotary “cut-off” saws that are marketed to the fire service come standard from the factory with the blade mounted on the “inboard” side of the saw. While this is fine for saws set up for roof operations (carbide-tipped blade), saws that are set up for forcible entry operations with an aluminum oxide or diamond-segmented blade can be made infinitely more useful by moving the blade to the outboard side of the saw.

Outboard saws can be placed almost flat on a surface, thus allowing flush cuts to be made in many forcible entry situations. Converting a saw from inboard to outboard is a fairly simple operation that can be done in the firehouse with simple tools. This drill contains the steps of operation to perform this conversion that are applicable to most brands of saws currently on the market.

Download this firefighter training drill as a PDF HERE (528 KB).

Danny Troxell is a captain with the District of Columbia Fire Department assigned to Truck Company 13 and an instructor with Traditions Training, LLC.


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