Firefighter Training Drill: Vent, Enter, Isolate, Search (VEIS)

Drill by Kyle Stephens
EVD, Baltimore City Fire Department
Assistant Chief, Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Instructor, Traditions Training LLC.

This drill focuses on a particular tactic that involves venting a room or area of a dwelling, entering the search area, and performing a search of that specific area. This tactic is aggressively used when there is a known or high probability that there is a civilian located in a specific area of the dwelling. Somewhere along the line, VEIS–vent, enter, isolate,search–has become considered a controversial tactic that some departments choose not to utilize or incorporate in their SOPs because of risk associated or experience level of the department. In actuality, the task of VEIS is an accumulation of basic skills learned in all fire schools taught across the country. The step-by-step procedures for this tactic are outlined in this firefighter training drill.

Download this drill as a PDF HERE (about 12MB).



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