Training Minutes: Withdrawing Hose During Fire Attack

Fire Engineering/YouTube

In the above firefighter training video, Orlando (FL) District Chief Walt Lewis and company discuss training on withdrawing hose when changing tactics during fire suppression.


WALTER LEWIS is district chief in the Orlando (FL) Fire Department, where he has been a member since 1996 and is assigned to District 3. He has been involved with the fire service since 1990. Previously, he volunteered for two years for a small department and worked for a suburban department for four years. He served a tour at the Training Division. He is an instructor for the Central Florida Fire Academy and a USAR teaching group. He is a member of FL-TF4 and served on the state committe to create the 40-hour live fire training course required by Florida law for instructors of live burns. He has taught across the United States and in Canada.

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