Firefighters Among the Many Injured in Bronx (NY) 4-Alarm Fire

UPDATE: Six firefighters and nearly a dozen others were injured in a large fire that raged amid high winds in the Bronx Thursday, reports NBC New York (

The FDNY said all of the injuries were “relatively minor.”

Original Story: A fire this morning in the Bronx resulted in injuries to firefighters and civilians.

The fire reportedly went to four alarms and brought more than 150 firefighters to the scene.

Wind-Driven Structure Fires: Adjusting Tactics and Strategies

Firefighters were also hampered by the extreme winter weather conditions as the New York Metro Area and the East Coast were pummeled by yet another serious snowstorm. The wind created a “blowtorch” effect and frozen fire hydrants made it difficult to get water on the fire as quickly as usual, a Fire Department of New York (FDNY) official told 4 New York ( Although early reports suggested some injuries were severe, the FDNY said all of the injuries were “relatively minor.”

WABC reported 16 people were hurt in the fire, including 10 civilians and six firefighters.

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