Firefighters Battle 2-Alarm Clifton (NJ) House Fire

Firefighters responded to a two-alarm fire yesterday at a residence in Clifton, New Jersey.

YouTube video showed firefighters operating at the scene, with visible fire shooting from one of the upper windows of the dwelling.

According to the YouTube user, all Clifton units responded to the scene, as well as mutual aid from Passaic’s Tower.

The Record reported that four peopel and five dogs were displaced by the fire. Read more at

According to Deputy Chief Michael J. Sauer, a neighbor was alerted to smoke coming from the stucture after witnessing the dogs getting out of the dwelling. An off-duty firefighter on scene also witnessed the smoke. Police relayed size-up info to fire crews, including hydrant location on scene.

Deputy Chief Michael J. Sauer said heat proved a challenge on scene, and rehab was critical, as was the assistance from Passaic firefighters. “The guiys took a real beating out there,” Sauer said. “With the limited manpower, high heat, and the fact that the fire had been going for some time, we were behind the 8-ball when we got there. They really stepped up and saved the structure.”

Drill: Opening Up Cape Cod-Style Homes

The fire occurred in a Cape Cod-style house, and fire apparently got into concealed spaces before finally venting through the roof above the gutterline. After an initial push, Sauer chose to remove firefighters due to the roof buckling on the A-B corner. Firefighters then managed to go inside again and control the fire. It took about one hour to control this fire.

Investigators believe the fire may be electrical in nature, but was apparently accidental.

Hat tip to AlertPage.

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