Firefighters Help Rescue Girl from NY Fire

Firefighters and police officers pulled a young girl from a fire in a dramatic rescue late Wednesday morning in Albany, New York. The victim was seriously injured.

FOX 23 reports ( that the first firefighting crews were on the scene at 20 Benson Street within minutes of the initial 911 calls around 11:30 a.m., but the house was already fully involved.

Rescuers pulled the girl from the home and began CPR. Neighbors had already helped three of the girl’s four siblings and their mother get to safety.

Albany Fire Chief Robert Forezzi says his crews simultaneously started fighting the fire and trying to get into the house.

“One company went to the rear of the building, entered the rear door, came down the hallway toward the bedrooms, entered the third bedroom, and removed an unknown child, somewhere around the age of three or four years old,” said Chief Forezzi.

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