Firefighters Injured Fighting Fire Aboard Nuclear Submarine

A fire on a nuclear-powered submarine at a Maine shipyard has injured a number of people.

Fire crews responded Wednesday to the USS Miami at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on an island in Kittery. CNN reported ( that firefighters extinguished the fire early Thursday.

Seven people were injured and were treated either on the scene or at “a local medical facility,” according to a statement from the shipyard. CNN said that three firefighters from the shipyard, two ship crew members, and two civilian firefighters were injured in the incident.

The USS Miami’s reactor was not operating at any time the fire broke out and remained unaffected and stable throughout. The ship was in the yard since early March for an overhaul.

Update: An investigation has begun to determine the cause of the fire. Reuters ( reports that in a briefing the damage was described as “extensive,” but limited to the forward compartment spaces, which include crew living and command and control spaces. The fire did not threaten the ship’s nuclear facilities.

Video via the Associated Press.

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