Firefighters Rescue Three From NY Apartment Fire

Firefighters rescued a man and his two children from their sixth-floor Bronx (NY) apartment from what the New York Times ( describes as having “turned into an inferno.”

Firefighters arrived on the scene and saw flames shooting from a top-floor window. Sharp popping sounds filled the air and bricks flew from the facade, reports the newspaper. A woman who lived in the apartment had already fled with a small child and told neighbors her husband was still upstairs trying to get their other two children.

When firefighters reached the apartment, flames surged from the kitchen. A firefighter used a fire extinguisher, as another firefighter ducked under the flames. He found the father lying in the hallway and other firefighters helped pulled him out.

A hose had then been pulled upstairs and trained on the kitchen. Amongst heavy smoke, firefighters felt around the apartment until they found the two children.

All three were taken to the hospital. The children are in critical but stable condition and the father is listed in critical condition.

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