Firefighters Respond to Crane Collapse in NYC

Firefighters and police are responding to a partial crane collapse in Manhattan even as the first effects of Hurricane Sandy are being felt across the New York City Metropolitan area.

CNN reports ( that a crane atop a luxury skyscraper under construction partly collapsed, leaving its arm precariously perched and hanging over West 57th Street. Part of the street has been closed off as a precaution.

There was no word of injuries as of this writing.

Because of the impending storm, New York City is experiencing high winds, with gusts up to 60 miles per hour, but the cause of the collapse was not immediately clear.


UPDATE: The New York Times reports ( more than 100 police and firefighters rushed to the scene and cordoned off surrounding blocks from spectators who withstood a buffeting mist to gawk and take pictures. Several nearby buildings and a hotel were being evacuated, officials said.

It was also unclear how it will be safely brought down now that it is damaged. One police official at the scene said city officials would most likely consult with the construction company before taking any action.

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