Fire Crews Respond to Knox County (TN) Fire

Article and photos by Mike Watiker

Firefighters responded last week to the scene of this fire in Knox County, Tennessee.


Rural/Metro Fire units were dispatched at 2330 hours Monday to a working house fire.

911 callers reported multiple explosions, and I witnessed a small explosion.There was a report of a person trapped, but this proved not to be the case.

Engine 234’s rundown said they had a working fire in a one-story house, 50-percent involved, and that they had hydrant close by. E234 also said they were going defensive. Battalion-25 arrived right behind “The Jailbirds” and assumed command, ordering Engine 230 to hit the hydrant and come on in.

Crews had a handline going but fire was running the roof line. The fire just had too big a head start and there was a limited amount of fuel. The structure was a total loss.

Once E234 had a supply line they opened up with their deck gun and the fire darkened down quickly.

There were no injuries. The fire is under investigation.

Mike Watiker is on Twitter @mwatiker. He is managing editor at Knoxville Metro Fire/Rescue News.




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