Firefighters Work Fire on Florida’s Largest Civil War Battlegrounds

U.S. Forest Service firefighters are battling two wildfires that span more than 150 acres in the Osceola National Forest, in Baker County, reports

Firefighters are working to contain the two fires burning at the Olustee Battlefield.

One of the fires is 65 acres, the other 100. One fire was started by a lightning strike. The fire is being fought with trucks with water from a distance because of the heat.

The firefighters actually have to use a different approach because of the history that remains underground at the battlefield.  

While the intense flames are nothing new, the location is bringing its own challenges.

“In this area we don’t do no ground disturbance whatsoever because there’s so much history in the area,” Meyers said.

The fire is burning on top of the land where Florida’s largest Civil War battle took place back in the 1800s.

“If we start digging in the ground we could pull up ammo, guns or whatever. We could pull up relics,” Meyers said.

As a result, the fire is being fought above ground. Instead of using a bulldozer to break the dirt and build their fire line, they’re using a special mulcher to cut the brush that could fuel the fire.

One of the fires started about 150 yards from the battlefield’s museum. But Meyers says the park is still open, and it’s safe for people.

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