Delayed Los Angeles (CA) Fire Response May Be Due to Geography, Jurisdiction

Residents of Los Angeles, California, may be left waiting for a response for city firefighters when nearby crews from Los Angeles County could have responded to their emergencies faster.

The Los Angeles Times reports ( that a 30-year-old plan to link up the dispatch systems of the two neighboring agencies was never implemented.

The Times report cites the case of a 59-year-old resident who died after a medical event while waiting for help from paramedics three miles away from her home even as responders in an L.A. County station were available just a mile away from the scene. It took more than 10 minutes for Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics to reach the female victim, who went into cardiac arrest and died at a hospital.

The city and county fire agencies agreed in 1979 to link their dispatching operations to save lives and cut costs.

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