Fireside Reading

By John M. Malecky

By Brett Martinez

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Fax: 1-918-831-9555

Price: $39.95 + S & H

This book is a soft cover measuring 6″ x 9″ and has 275 pages. It focuses on the tracking and identification and eventual apprehension of multiple fire setters by using basic information available. It is an excellent book for fire departments, fire prevention bureaus, arson squads, police departments, prosecutors offices, or whomever may be responsible for investigating fires in a jurisdiction.

The author is a fire marshal for Suffolk County, NY. He is a certified level II fire investigator with the State of New York and is certified with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) to train and deploy Suffolk County’s accelerent detection canine.

The 13 chapters deal essentially with getting started with tracking, where the information can be obtained, what information would be required, analyzing the collected information, avoiding false tracks, placing the information on a map, creating a calendar plot, what to do with the results, type of equipment needed, being sure the process Worked, and future tracking. These chapters are followed by about 40 pages of appendix, glossary, bibliography, and index.

The book is written in simplified language with explanations of abbreviations when used. He explains the six catagories of multiple fire setters and throughout the chapters he applies his knowledge along with tips regarding techniques that worked and those that didn’t as well as the pros and cons of many aspects of tracking. There are sample calendars as well as aerial photos and maps to aid in the compilation of files. Appendix B list the 10 commandments of crime analysis and Appendix C lists Internet resources for tracking multiple fire setters, a most valuable and extensive list. The author in short, explains the way to “set up shop” right down to the last detail. This publication is a necessary handbook and reference for any agency responsible for apprehending such offenders.

The book is also available as an e-book and a CD-ROM each at $69.95
+ S & H.

John M. Malecky is a 32-year veteran of the Bayonne (NJ) Fire Department and battalion chief with Battalion 2. He joined the department in 1970 and was named a lieutenant in 1987, a captain in 1994, and a battalion chief in 2000. He is author of Apparatus Deliveries in Fire Engineering.

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