Fish Stabs Florida Firefighter in Neck During Water Training

A Holley-Navarre firefighter was injured Friday morning when he was stabbed by a fish, reports (

The firefighter was in Santa Rosa Sound about 10:30 a.m. practicing water rescues with other firefighters and lifeguards, according to Howie Rounsaville, battalion chief for the Holley-Navarre Fire Department.

They believe a personal watercraft used for the training startled a ballyhoo fish, which began to jump across the water and struck the firefighter in the back of the head.

The spiny snout of the fish stuck about 1½ inches deep in the crease where the head meets the neck, Rounsaville said.

The firefighter was taken to Gulf Breeze Baptist Hospital, where the snout was extracted from his neck.

He was expected to be back at work in a couple days, Rounsaville said.

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