Five Alarm Fire Destroys Iconic New Orleans Facility

A five-alarm fire destroyed Hubig’s Pies facility, reports WWLTV New Orleans.

An employee noticed smoke coming out of the fryer room, where the fire is assumed to have started, according to the New Orleans Fire Department.

Firefighters were entering the building through a front garage, but this entrance collapsed around 5:30 a.m. as the fire spread towards the front.

However, after the front wall collapsed, fire fighters were able to directly spray the flames, according to NOFD Supt. Charles Parent.

At least 32 trucks and 95 personnel were on the scene of the fire in the historic neighborhood, as the fire intensified from a two-alarm to a five-alarm in the structure that dates back to 1922.

The firefighters put themselves between neighbors houses and the Hubig’s building. They utilized the roofs of nearby homes by climbing on top and spraying water on the blaze.

The fire was under control shortly after 6:30 a.m.

Fire dug into the sidewalk to turn the gas off in the building before entering. Because both the front and back wall had collapsed, officials had to make sure the side walls were sturdy — they would cause major damage if they fell towards neighboring houses, the NOFD said. Then, the structure was inspected for hotspots.

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