FL Firefighter Punched in the Face by Crash Victim

A Clearwater (FL) fire inspector was punched in the face Wednesday by a man he was trying to help at a motor vehicle accident.

Ron Neuberger had just gotten off of work when he came across the accident scene and tried to assist one of the drivers, according to a report on WTSP.com (http://on.wtsp.com/14ANQAm).

Neuberger asked if the 63-year-old man was all right, and the man responding by punching him in the face. Witnesses claimed Neuberger responded in kind.

The man was drunk, according to police, and was arrested on felony battery and DUI charges.

For more on the incident plus videos, visit http://on.wtsp.com/14ANQAm.

Although the firefighter in this situation was not badly injured, such scenarios serve as a reminder of the danger that crew members face from belligerent patients. For more on dealing with such situations, consider Managing Assaultive Behavior, PATIENT AND RESCUE CONSIDERATIONS, and Ensure Scene Safety at Your Next EMS Call.

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