FLAME-SIM announces Bob Hayes as National Sales Manager

FLAME-SIM announces Bob Hayes has joined the company as National Sales Manager. Bob’s history is full of experience as a devoted firefighter and a successful sales manager. Bob spent twenty-seven years working as a firefighter with the Richardson Fire department which is located just north of Dallas, Texas. After retiring from the fire department in 2006 Bob spent a short stint as National Sales Representative for Mon Lieu, a French furniture company.

Bob then made a move back to the field he loved with FETN, Fire Emergency Training Network, as their outside sales manager in charge of sales in both the United States and Canada. Bob was introduced to the FLAME-SIM product at FDIC and became very interested the training tool. He was incredibly impressed with the software and felt that it was the best simulation software he had ever seen and decided he had to be involved in this project.

Doug Seebach, Vice President of Simulations for FLAME-SIM, had this to say about Bob’s attitude towards this product; “Bob’s enthusiasm over FLAME-SIM made me even more excited about the ability of the product to be an effective training tool, which made me excited to make him part of the FLAME-SIM team”.

Bob strongly believes that FLAME-SIM would result in more consistent multi-company training and ultimately result in saving firefighters lives. When asked his opinion about the software Bob Hayes had this to say;

“The FLAME-SIM software scenarios are the closest thing to real-life fireground incidents that I have ever experienced in my firefighting career. Because we can actually perform radio communications, fire attack, ventilation, search and rescue, and many other fire ground operations, the FLAME-SIM program helps develop good, experienced-based, decision making skills and builds confidence for all involved. The results of training with the FLAME-SIM program can’t help but provide for safer, more efficient handling of our real emergency incidents. This program is so interactive and dynamic that the participants in the training exercises experience many of the same stresses and anxieties that they experience out there on the streets.”

“In real life we may go months and sometimes even years before we get a chance to correct mistakes made on the fireground. Tragically, sometimes these mistakes resulted in injury and even death for some of our firefighters and citizens. With the FLAME-SIM interactive program, we can identify operational and communication errors that may result in the injury or death of our virtual firefighters, and immediately get a chance to go back again and do it right.”

More: www.flame-sim.com

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