Fort Lauderdale Firefighters Save Colorado Woman Bitten by Rattlesnake

Even when they’re not in town, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue are hero-ing it up, reports

While a group of firefighters were up in Colorado attending the Fallen Firefighter Memorial over the weekend, they decided to climb some rocks. During the climb, they heard a woman’s scream from afar. The firefighters immediately began looking for the woman. They soon found a young woman that had been bitten by a large rattlesnake. The members of the Fort Lauderale Fire Rescue jumped into action, calling 911, notifying the local fire rescue and carrying the woman down the rocks to get medical attention.

According to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, the incident went down on Saturday, when about thirty members of fire rescue were returning to their hotel from the memorial ceremony held in Colorado Springs. On the way to the hotel, the firefighters began to converse over some rock formations in the distance. it was then that the conversation turned to how Captain Mike Salzano thought he could climb the roughly 200-foot rock formation in twenty minutes. The crew then drove up to the formation where Salzano took on the challenge.

It was when the firefighters watched the captain climbing the rocks that they heard the scream. They all ran to the area, and found a 24-year old woman with two rattlesnake puncture wounds in her leg. She had been walking her dog when the snake attacked, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue says. Blood was trickling out of the wounds, and the woman was unable to walk from the severe pain.

Captain Steve Gollan quickly called 911 and notified Colorado Springs Fire Rescue of the snake bite. The greater challenge was getting help for the woman. The firefighters didn’t know the address of the location they were standing at, so Captain Gollan had to direct the Colorado Springs firefighters to their location using reference points,

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