FoxFury Lighting Solutions Modifies Model Names

FoxFury Lighting Solutions has modified the model names of its Nomad LED Area-Spot lights. The original Nomad design (previously referred to as the Nomad 3600 and Nomad 4000) is now known as the Nomad Prime while the newest addition to the Nomad family is called the Nomad 360. This name change places the look and function of the light at the forefront rather than the number of lumens.

The Nomad, a dual action area light and spotlight, was originally released in November 2010 following two years of R&D. The original names of this portable, rechargeable area light (Nomad 3600 and Nomad 4000) reflected the number of torch lumens generated by the light. Rather than changing model names every time brighter LED technology becomes available, FoxFury has chosen to rename this original design the “Prime.”

FoxFury released the innovative and versatile new Nomad 360 in July 2012. It is believed to be the first portable LED scene light that offers 360 degree scene lighting with the option to use it as a (12 degree) spotlight. This 7000 torch lumen model is brighter than the Nomad Prime and has a higher price point. The 360 degree ability of this light stands out right away, which is why the product name was chosen.

“We hope these new model names make it easier for customers to tell these lights apart and understand what they can do,” said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury.   

All members of the FoxFury Nomad Series are rechargeable, cordless, self-contained and deploy in 20 seconds. They are used in a wide array of applications including firefighting, forensics, law enforcement, photography and disaster recovery. The Nomad Prime and 360 were recently displayed at IAI and the Firehouse Expo. They will be on display at the Police Fleet Expo in Charlotte, NC later this month.

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