FoxFury Sponsors Return to Station Video Documenting First Responder Stress

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is proud to sponsor the “Return To The Station” video that deals with the controversial topic of first responder stress and rescuers needing rescuing. This video, filmed by Ted Fillhart and written by Eddy Weiss, is based on the true story of a firefighter who overcomes responder stress with some help from his friends. 

The lifesaving work that first responders perform is physically demanding, emotionally draining and sometimes hazardous to their health. Staying physically and mentally healthy can be challenging. If not managed properly, responder stress can develop into serious problems like harmful addictions or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

“The nature of the job makes it very easy for a firefighter to turn to drugs and alcohol,” said Mark Lamplugh, Founder & CEO of 1st Responder Treatment. “The film shows how hard it can be on the marriage as well. Being a responder is incredibly demanding and not everyone copes with it the same.”

Return to the Station was a labor of love for  Lamplugh and Eddy Weiss, Founder & CEO of C4L & Associates. They both have seen and experienced responder stress firsthand and have overcome it. They have helped others overcome it as well.

“The purpose of this film was to create awareness amongst responders and those in their lives. To bring them hope,” said Weiss.

This powerful film is based on the true story of a rescuer needing rescue. In 10 minutes, viewers witness a two year journey of a firefighter struggling with and eventually overcoming responder stress. It shows the heart and mind of this firefighter as well as the emotional and physical toll placed on the firefighter and his family. This video was written by Weiss and filmed by Ted Fillhart. 

“This film should change the way all of us look at our responders. It is not until you find yourself in their world that you realize how much they really sacrifice for each of us,” said Fillhart.

FoxFury is working with C4L & Associates and 1st Responder Treatment on a special Responder Stress project called Reach For The Light. This video, combined with a special custom firefighter helmet, was created to bring awareness to responder stress and encourage responders to seek out help and gain victory over it.

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