FSF Provides Fire Service Response to Mass Shootings Program

The Firefighters Support Foundation’s (FSF) training program, Preparation for and Response to Mass Shootings, is available free by download. Mass shooting events are becoming more common, and the response to them involves every public safety agency for miles around. This program details the actions that fire and EMS agencies can take to prepare themselves for this all-too-likely event, and the actions they can take when the event occurs. It covers:

  • Multi-agency planning and preparation
  • Creating a prevention environment
  • Command, command post and crowd control issues for this kind of event
  • An overview of the tactics that agencies should be familiar with

This program is available in two formats. The 40+ PowerPoint slide presentation covers the material thoroughly, while the 45-minute video program is a verbal presentation of the PowerPoint material.  The developer and presenter is August Vernon, the well-known emergency management trainer.

Simply go to http://www.fireengineering.com/training/ffsupport.html to download your copy. 


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