Fort Lauderdale (FL) Firefighters Offer Training Video on Polycarbonate Panels and Forcible Entry

While responding to a fire on May 23, 2016, Fort Lauderdale (FL) firefighters encountered a problem with Lexan (polycarbonate panels) installed over windows. These clear panels on vacant properties make the structure look lived in being its not covered up with plywood, concrete blocks, bricks, or VPS panels. It also allows easier detection by security personnel or police to monitor the buildings for illegal entry.

Battalion Chief Dave Carter and his units produced a training video on dealing with this issue on the fireground. See the YouTube video above.

Thanks to Mike Ciampo, who also produced the below training video on HUD windows.

For individual FE videos.

[bc_video account_id=”1214147015″ player_id=”r17pb6d1Zl” video_id=”62559493001″ min_width=”405px”]

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