GA Fire Department Launches Health and Wellness Plan

The Augusta (GA) fire chief has launched a comprehensive health and wellness initiative to make sure firefighters in that department are in shape and ready to perform their duties on the fireground.

All Augusta firefighters will have to undergo yearly physicals beginning in June, something that had been mandated since 2005.

Fire Chief Chris James has launched a new health and wellness initiative that involves training 20 firefighters to become peer fitness instructors, according to a report from The Augusta Chronicle ( These members will then help their fellow firefighters with working out and nutritional information.

The program requires that all firefighters, including the chief, take a physical in the month of their birthday starting next week. Once all employees will have completed a physical, participation in a new fitness program will be voluntary, but after that each firefighter will be required to work out at least one hour per day while on duty.

James told the Chronicle that the move is intended to lower the possibility of firefighters dying from cardiac arrest.

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