GA Firefighter Paramedics Go on Wild Ride in Stolen Ambulance

A pair of DeKalb County firefighters were injured when they were taken for a ride in the back of a stolen ambulance on Saturday.

The incident began after the firefighter-paramedics dropped off a patient at Emory University Hospital shortly before 2 p.m., according to a Atlanta-Journal Constitution report ( The duo was in the back of the ambulance completing paperwork when a patient reportedly came out of the hospital, jumped in the vehicle’s front seat, locked the doors, and took off.

The suspect drove the stolen ambulance at a high rate of speed for several miles before running off the road, knocking down a utility pole, and finally coming to a stop inside a chiropractor’s office. The suspect then fled the crashed vehicle on foot and remained at large for several hours. The ambulance was a total loss.

The firefighters were hurt and transported to an area medical facility in stable condition. Throughout the incident, one of the firefighters was able to communicate the vehicle’s location via radio.

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Although this incident did not involve violence directed at paramedics, it underscores the potential for firefighters and medics to become entangled in potentially violent situations on the job. For more on firefighters and violence, consider Responding to Scenes of Violence and Firefighters and Violence : Nine Questions You Should Ask.

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