GA Firefighter Suspended After Attempt to Save Woman’s Life

Atlanta Fire Rescue
Starts at 2:09

An Atlanta firefighter is facing suspension for his actions at a fire last June in which he and other members helped pull a victim from a fire.

According to, the female victim subsequently died from her injuries. An unpublished video from the scene reportedly shows Capt. Daniel Dwyer making entry and removing the victim before other firefighters helped move her away from the burning home in west Atlanta. Burglar bars hampered firefighters from easily accessing the victim, the report said.

According to a “notice of final adverse action” complaint prepared last week and obtained by 11Alive on Monday, Dwyer will be suspended without pay four days and be able to return on February 19. The complaint cites Dwyer entering the burning home without other members, which violates “no freelancing,” the report said.



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