Gear Keeper Tether Keeps Firefighters’ Flashlights Accessible

Laden with tools and running through blinding smoke during a dangerous fire, firefighters must react quickly when it comes to making a life-saving decision. There’s no time to waste searching for a flashlight. Both of the Gear Keeper Right Angle and Straight Flashlight self-retracting/stabilizing tether kits, designed especially for firefighters, safely secures the flashlights against loss while keeping them easily accessible and always pointed in the direction the firefighter is moving.  

The innovative Gear Keeper attachment device combines the proper retractor force with a stabilizer strap that keeps the firefighters’ right angle and straight flashlights strapped to their jackets and ready for use at a moment’s notice. Equally important, the retractable tether kit’s unique stabilizer eliminates the annoying swinging and dangling associated with fireman’s flashlights. The stabilizer strap, which minimizes the flashlight’s movement, always keeps the light from the Right Angle flashlight properly positioned and pointed forward.  When the situation requires crawling, both flashlights can be easily removed from the stabilizer strap, enabling them to hang forward. Firefighters need only to grab their light, use it and let it go; it will always be right where they need it.

“When involved in a fire rescue it goes without saying that it is extremely important to have your gear readily accessible,” says John Salentine, Vice President and co-founder of Hammerhead Industries, which manufactures Gear Keeper systems.  “While all of our products at Gear Keeper are designed to meet very specific needs, everything centers back to our expertise in creating solutions for situations when holding onto the gear with your hands alone, is simply not an option.”
There are two models available; the smaller 4-AA flashlights (12 oz., 20 inch extension, SS Cable with nylon coating) or the larger 3-C/ 4-C Rechargable Flashlights (24 oz, 32 inch extension, Spectra/nylon line).  The Gear Keeper Flashlight Retractor Kit boasts 60-lb. break strength for the smaller straight version and 80-lb. break strength for the larger Right Angle version. Making it impervious to some of the harshest elements faced on the job, both flashlight kits also feature the Gear Keeper patented automatic flushing system that clears debris from the retractor, essential for the smoky and ash-filled environments where firefighters work. Flashlight retractor/stabilizer kits also include the patented Q/C-II quick release connector system that allows either flashlight to be easily and swiftly removed from the turnout coat. 
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