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Harrisburg firefighters were called to a burning home earlier this year with a person trapped on the second floor.

The fire trucks arrived at the scene in the 1400 block of North 15th Street and crews quickly set up ladders in the front and back of the home as flames was visible on the first floor. Firefighter Kyle Paul quickly climbed a ladder to a back deck, where a second ladder was set up, meeting a window.

Paul then climbed the second ladder, reached in through the bedroom window and pulled a man out onto the ladder, head-first, amid dark billowing smoke.

For his efforts to save that man that day in January, Paul won an Award for Bravery that was presented Monday Oct. 4 at the city’s Station No. 2, 140 N. 16th Street. It was among more than a dozen awards presented at the annual ceremony, which introduces new hires and celebrates outstanding work.

Fire Chief Brian Enterline started the ceremony by thanking firefighters who served their communities in the unprecedented pandemic that started last year.

“This pandemic has changed the way we operate,” he said, “and changed the way we conducted business, several times over the past 18 months.”

Three new firefighters were sworn-in: Dylan J. Landuyt, Johnathon T. Felty, and Codie A. Schaffner.

Those hires marked a milestone for the department, which is now at their fully budgeted complement of 90 personnel, including the office staff.

“We’re committed to further growing our department, as we look for ways to increase our efficiencies and service the entire region,” Enterline said.

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse administered the oath of office to new firefighters and applauded firefighters who have had to maneuver through the pandemic.

“With regard to COVID, It’s still very much here and present in our city,” Papenfuse said, “but, these fine individuals put themselves on the line every day, and will continue to do so.”

In addition to Paul’s award for bravery, here are the other awards presented Monday:

The Award of Merit was given to members who assisted Paul in the January blaze on North 15th and provided the proper medical care to the man before transporting him: Capt. Aldo Morelli, Firefighters James Grundon, Zachary Miller, Patrick Giberson, Jack Peskie, and Battalion Chief Jason Lloyd.

A Unit Citation Award was presented to others who pulled off a rapid fire attack and quickly extinguished the January blaze on North 15th, which made it easier for the crew to find and save the man: Lt. William Skinner, Lt. Jeffrey Miller, and firefighters Nathaniel Barbolish, Jared Day, Justin Zimmerman, Thomas Propst, Michael Stender, and Joseph Kuhn.

Another Unit Citation Award was presented to firefighters who were dispatched July 18 to a pedestrian who was struck and trapped underneath a vehicle at the intersection of Thompson and Evergreen Streets: Battalion Chief Brian Bastinelli, Lt. Robert Lohin, and firefighters David Gilkey, Brandon Trygar, Shane Conrad, Jamie Kleckner, and Thomas Cucchiara.

Multiple CPR Save Awards were given out.

The first of the CPR Save awards was presented to Firefighter Jared Day, who was dispatched on Dec. 5, 2020 to Woodbine Street to help EMS with a patient transport. Day rode in the ambulance to assist EMS as the patient went into cardiac arrest. When the patient arrived at the hospital, they had regained their pulse.

The second CPR Save award went a crew that was dispatched Feb. 6 to the Capitol. Capitol Police and staff performed CPR on a unconscious person until a Harrisburg firefighters stepped in to lend help, which resulted in the victim regaining consciousness. The recipients were: Lt. Corey Stone, and firefighters David Aguayo, William Junkin, Johnathan Little, Shane Conrad, Thomas Cucchiara, and Austin Howard.

The third CPR Save award was given to Captain Charles Zavrel, and firefighters Richard Brocius, and Nicholas Hurst, who were dispatched on Feb. 19 to a home on Hamilton Street for a possible overdose. They assisted police at the home in supplying Narcan and performed CPR helping the victim regain a heartbeat.

The final CPR Save award was presented to Lieutenant Brian Yonkin, and firefighters Marty Henderson, and Glenn Raudensky. who responded to a woman in respiratory arrest on the 2500 block of Greenwood Street on September, 10. Their quick actions and correct CPR techniques ultimately saved her life, according to officials.

A National Deployment award was given to Firefighter Brent Hill for his help on the West Coast as a Tactical Air Control Party specialist from Pennsylvania Air National Guard during the fire season.

Several other awards were given to firefighters who were a part of the Pennsylvania Task Force 1:

Six firefighters assisted in President Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration; 12 firefighters helped with Hurricane Ida and 8 firefighters helped after the collapse of the Southside Florida Champlain Towers this summer.


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