Firefighter Fitness: How Are Your Hips?

Jorsan Ponder performs a hip hinge exercise

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By Jordan Ponder

Firefighter injuries on the fireground are overwhelming the result of slips/falls and strains/sprains, all of which can be attributed to an inability to move properly. However, you can reduce these injuries with proper training and programming.

One of the movements that continues to injure firefighters is the hip hinge. Hip hinging is a hip dominant movement with minimal knee flexion. It requires your upper body stabilization as you drive your hips back. However, lower back injuries continue to occur because of improper mechanics. One very simple way to fix this is by using external cues like a wall. Learn how you can perform this simple, accessible yet effective drill via a video demo HERE.

Remember, you can visit for other great tips and to learn more about firefighter fitness and training programs available for you and your department. Questions? Simply fill out Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training’s contact form to have them answered!

Jordan PonderJordan Ponder is a Captain of the Milwaukee Fire Department assigned to Engine 30. Additionally, he is the Lead Peer Fitness Trainer for the MFD where he has been training firefighter health for over 12 years. Holding NASM-CPT, ACE, PFT and multiple of modality certifications, he is also a professional bodybuilder with the WNBF. Jordan is also the Director of Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training which supplies free safety training equipment for fire departments for conducting workshops for their members. To contact Jordan Ponder, email

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