Houston Firefighters Have Ebola Protective Gear, Lack Training

Despite Houston’s mayor and medical director said the city was prepared for Ebola, some of the city’s first responders said they don’t have the training needed, reports click2houston.com

“I would say we’re not ready, we’re not prepared yet,” said Alvin White, the interim head of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association.

Three weeks after the first Ebola diagnosis in the United States happened in Dallas, Houston firefighters feel they’re playing catchup. They’re just now getting new protection suits to use should they have to respond to any Ebola threat.

This week the fire department began distributing to each station five biochemical suits, five masks and six pairs of booties.

“They are sending out the suits. The suits hit the stations yesterday, but there’s been no formal training on the suits,” White said.
Putting them on is easy, according to White. But the danger lies in taking them off.

“The exposures have been happening when taking them off,” White said. “There’s been no guidelines set forth by the department on how to remove these. All we have is a document we printed out from the CDC.”

Read more of the story here http://bit.ly/1tyvMWk

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